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influence of a backup- ring


Test Conditions
The coupler valves of the test couplers re opened by a blind opening pin. Continuous load With pressure impulses according SAE: 
Intensity: 600bar 
Mineral oil: IP Hydrus Oil 46 
Operating temperature: + 53° C 
Impulse Frequency: 1 Hz


Duration of the Test 
Until one of the test samples fails, causing leakage to the outside, due to the rupture of the seal ( with automatic shut off of the test bench ). Removal of the defective sample and continuation of the test until the next test coupler fails.


All test Samples without back-up ring fail after being subjected to 57.000 + 72.000 impulses. The designs with seal back-up rings, particularly the RAICO-Test Couplers with a special anti extrusion ring, perform faultlessly after more then 1 million cycles. 


test sample             impulses

1) PV 050                 56.915

2) PV 040                 59.151

3) PV 020                 67.547

4) PV 060                 71.995

5) PV 031                 1 x Million

6) PV 112 RAICO    1 x Million

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