modular adapters

These are required for measuring points on modular construction sandwich plates to CETOP 3 and 5 ( NW 6 + NW 10 ). Suitable for mounting of test-couplers BSP (G) ¼” (AK 04 GOR) or for the connection of a pressure transducer. 


Denomination: PT – Weight: 0,128 kg 
Cover plat for sandwich – plate PZ 06 and PZ 10 complete with seals and mounting bolts. 
(Applied when one side of the sandwich – plate is not used for taking measurements.)


Denomination: PM-G ¼” –Weight: 0.188 kg 
Connection –plate with threaded port BSP (G) ¼”, 
For the use with a test coupler or a pressure transducer. Complete with seals and mounting bolts (M5 x 18 mm). Turning the plate by 180° allows the alternative connection to channel P or to the valve ports A respectively B.

Stacking plate: PZ 06 Weight: 0.91 kg 
To CETOP 3 / NW 6 with cross holes to the channels P, A and B. 


Stacking plate: PZ 10 Weight: 1.80 kg 
To CETOP 5 / NW 10 with cross holes to the channels P, A and B.