test carrying kit


The kit cases of thermoplastic material padded with foam rubber to accommodate three gauges and the respective accessories, are available in the following versions. By means of the P-CHECK components ( Test couplers, gauge – connectors and test hoses ) the test connections can be made comfortably by hand, without the aid of tools.


  • Carrying case –  empty with foam padding Kg. 0.66

  • Carrying case – Version 1) with accessories Kg. 2.90

  • Carrying case – Version 2) with accessories Kg 3.80


Particular Features:


  • Especially light weight  for comfortable transport

  • Gauge nesting made for standard  gauge ND 63 and 100 mm, however inclusive of protective rubber covers, which safeguard the gauges even if these should slip from ones’ hand. 


Please request our proposals for accommodation of the P-CHECK accessories of your choice.