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P-CHECK test couplers are thoroughly function tested, piece by piece, to warrant maximum operating safety. Through the function testing the parts are rinsed intensively whereby all dirt particles are removed, especially the zinc particles deposited during the preceding galvanic process. This is an additional advantage and most important hen the test-couplers are used on servo controlled systems, drives with axial piston pumps or radial piston pumps.


To protect the test-couplers until the installation in a hydraulic system, these  are packaged in convenient blister packs of 5 X 5 = 25 pieces.

Our standard boxes, with the dimensions 27 X 27 X h 23, can hold 9 blister packs.

Thereof derives the ideal order quantity 25 x 9 = 225 pieces, or a multiple thereof.

The average weight per box is, depending from the test-coupler types, 15 to 18 Kg.

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